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Πώς τα καυσαέρια των πλοίων κάνουν ισχυρότερες τις καταιγίδες

Σεπ 10, 2017 21:56

Οι καταιγίδες ακριβώς πάνω από τις δύο πιο πολυσύχναστες στον κόσμο διαδρομές των πλοίων είναι σημαντικά ισχυρότερες σε σχέση με τις καταιγίδες πάνω από άλλες περιοχές των ωκεανών, τις οποίες δεν διασχίζουν εμπορικά πλοία, σύμφωνα με νέα αμερικανική έρευνα.

Trending Science: Sorry Aesop, humans have more impact than animals in children’s parables

Σεπ 08, 2017 10:30

New Canadian research has found that children’s books featuring animals are not as effective at transmitting moral behaviour to children, finding instead that the way to teach youngsters about ethics and morality issues is to use books populated by human characters.

Twin embryos may exchange T-cells through cord blood

Σεπ 08, 2017 10:29

B- and T-cells have a central role in our immune systems. Produced in the spleen and the thymus respectively, receptor proteins on the cells’ surfaces recognise pathogens and respond. The nature of our defences is not completely understood but EU-supported research is helping to unveil some surprises.

H2020 FAR-EDGE Project: Where Factory Automation meets Edge Computing and Blockchain Technology

Σεπ 08, 2017 10:28

At dawn of the Industry4.0 era, edge computing architectures for industrial automation provide compelling advantages for real-time actuation & control, as well as for data analytics close to the field. In this article, we introduce the FAR-EDGE project, a first of a kind research initiave that specifies and implements a novel, standards-based platform for factory automation, which combines the merits of edge computing with the scalability, reliability and security of blockchain technologies.


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