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How to Scale Up Your Start Up

About the Course
As part of the growing regional cooperation between Israel-Cyprus and Greece and acknowledging the great importance of cooperation in the field of innovation; high technology and entrepreneurship - we are happy to initiate this course on the topic of- Innovation Road Map: How to Scale Up Your Start Up.


With a population of about 8 million, Israel has over 6,000 start-ups, and 1,000 new start-ups are launched every year. Being the “Startup Nation”, it is only natural to address the issue of innovations for startups and expose participants to the uniqueness of Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem which includes over 100 accelerators. Israel as a leader in the entrepreneurial world, combines innovation with technology, education, academia and is comprised of various populations: men, women, youth, children, veteran Israelis, newcomers, minority groups and more.
Breaking down the name start up nation you will find government policies, spirit of entrepreneurship, a culture of diversity and an educated entrepreneurial community.

Israel has the proven capacity to turn ideas into innovative products and services and has many different accelerators which have been created to support entrepreneurs in their startup ventures. It is within this framework that the present seminar is offered. In Israel’s ecosystem you will find cooperation between private & public sectors, government programs with early stage initiatives, technological aspects transforming social issues into solutions and many more.


This seminar will provide participants with skills and knowledge on how to build a platform that supports entrepreneurs in their early stages, and will give practical tools on how to develop a roadmap for success and building a community.

Training Modules are;
S Introduction to Business Accelerators and Business Incubators
S Ecosystem and community development (building a network of partners and investors)
S Site visits to accelerators and Incubators S Supporting Start-ups in paving a way to success (Scale Up)

Main Subjects

Main subjects of the course will include:
• Business models, eco-system analysis.
• Pitching and fund raising workshops
• Interpersonal Communication, Image and Self-Presentation
• Investor’s point of view
• Models and Goals of Accelerators (private, public, academic)
• The Ecosystem - Support Frameworks for Entrepreneurs
• Social Entrepreneurship

Application Requirements

The Course is designed for women and men alike, focusing mainly on entrepreneurs and start up owners. A special Consideration will be given to Managers of accelerators and other entrepreneurial SME support agencies, private sector support systems for entrepreneurs and NGOs dealing with small business support and development of entrepreneurs in their communities. Candidates should hold an academic degree in related disciplines, and have at least five years of professional work experience in related fields. A full command of English is required.

Application forms
Application forms and other information may be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission or at MASHAV’s website:

Completed application forms, including the medical form, should be sent to the relevant Israeli mission in the respective country no later than October 28st, 2018.

One additional copy of the application must be sent to:
Ms. Rana Suidan at MCTC:

General Information
The course will be held at a Hotel, in Haifa. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms (two participants per room).

Arrival and Departure
Arrival date: 9.12.18
Opening date: 10.12.18
Closing date: 20.12.18
Departure date: 21.12.18

Participants should arrive at the Dan Panorama hotel in Haifa on the arrival date, and leave the hotel on the departure date. Early arrivals/late departures if required, must be arranged by the participants themselves, directly with the hotel, and must be paid for by the participant him/herself.

Health Services

Medical insurance covers medical services and hospitalization in case of emergency. It does not cover the treatment of chronic or serious diseases, specific medications taken by the participant on a regular basis, dental care and eyeglasses. Health authorities recommend that visitors to Israel make sure they have been inoculated against tetanus in the last ten years. Subject to the full binding policy conditions. Participants are responsible for all other expenses.


MASHAV - Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation is dedicated to providing developing countries with the best of Israel’s experience in development and planning. As a member of the family of nations, The State of Israel is committed to fulfilling its responsibility to contribute to the fight against poverty and to the global efforts to achieve sustainable development. MASHAV, representing Israel and its people, focuses its efforts on capacity building, sharing relevant expertise accumulated during Israel's own development experience to empower governments, communities and individuals to improve their own lives.

MASHAV’s approach is to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainable development, and is taking active part in the international community’s process of shaping the Post-2015 Agenda, to define the new set of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MASHAV’s activities focus primarily on areas in which Israel has a competitive advantage, including agriculture and rural development; water resources management; entrepreneurship and innovation; community development; medicine and public health, empowerment of women and education. Professional programs are based on a “train the trainers” approach to institutional and human capacity building, and are conducted both in Israel and abroad. Project development is supported by the seconding of short and long-term experts, as well as on-site interventions. Since its establishment, MASHAV has promoted the centrality of human resource enrichment and institutional capacity building in the development process - an approach which has attained global consensus.

About The Golda Meir Mashav "Carmel" International Training Center

The Golda Meir Mashav “Carmel” International Training Center (MCTC) was founded by Golda Meir in Haifa in 1961. MCTC was the first of its kind in the domain of women’s empowerment and since its inception has had a profound influence on both individuals and the policy arena. MCTC endeavors to provide professional women and men from developing countries and transitional societies with the necessary tools for women’s empowerment. It aims to enable women to contribute to the socio-economic development processes of their communities and consequently advance their status. To this end, MCTC conducts training activities, both in Israel and overseas, to advance women’s participation in public life.

To date, over the 60 years of MCTC’s existence, over 25,000 women and men from over 140 countries have benefited from hundreds of training activities. Today, many of them hold key positions at the local or national level, or within United Nations development agencies.

For further information, please contact:
The Golda Meir Mashav “Carmel” International Training Center (MCTC)
12 David Pinsky Street, POB 6111, Haifa 31060, Israel
Tel: +972-4-8375904
Fax: +972-4-8375913

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