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The Municipality of Correggio (Reggio Emilia province - Emilia Romagna region - norther of Italy) is looking for partners interested in developing a project proposal under the Europe for Citizens Programme - Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation (deadline 01.09.2016).

Main aims of the proposal are to foster a European civic education and to stimulate a real awareness about the meaning of “European citizenship” by developiong a debate between European citizens from different States on the role and the position EU should assume about the migration phenomenon.

The ideal partners are small/medium-size cities (less than 100.000 inhabitants) or local associations active in the field of youth policies/active citizenship.

For further information you can contact Mrs Lorenza Manfredi (see contact in the following information)
Project proposal


Strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation

Measure 2.2: Networks of Town

Deadline: 01.09.2016

“Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity”. This was part of the Schuman Declaration, the speech that represents the official birth of European Union.

We have to make available to citizens information and tools useful to really understand what Europe is, in order to build a real European active citizenship. Only in this way we can reinforce Europe, building that “de facto solidarity” at the basis of Schuman Declaration.

And this work is even more important if it can involve youth generation.

In the last years, the socio – economic crisis has weakened that “European feeling” and “European affection” that are so important in order to build a stronger and political Europe and has facilitated the growth of anti – Europe movements or Eurosceptic positions.

In addition, Europe has to face a huge and complex problem, involving themes such as fundamental rights and social inclusion: the migration phenomenon. Problems generated by this situation are really complex and they make even more difficult the path necessary to build a real European citizenship.

It seems to be urgent that European Union implements a discussion on these themes, in order to develop an internal agreement and a real dialogue.

This project has 2 principal aims: on one hand to foster a European civic education and to develop a real awareness about what “European citizenship” means and on the other hand to develop a discussion and a dialogue between European citizens from different States about the role and the positions Europe should assume about the migration phenomenon.

The project will involve directly the youth generations and indirectly all the citizenship, trying to deepen the role the local authorities can/should cover in the civic education path and in the management of the migration phenomenon.

Actions and Duration

The project will be realized in the following period: January 2017 - December 2019.

Each partner will develop different actions depending on the aims and on the stakeholders involved. The final objective of the project is to realize a dialogue between the participants in order to show different approaches and results. This is the reason why we think it will be important to involve States and territories with different local situations and different path within European Union.

In the first part of the project (January– September 2017) there will be the kick off meeting and partners will examine and deepen actions already developed in each partner country about civic European education and dialogue with young people about the future of EU and will examine migratory phenomenon and the reactions of local citizens. This meeting will be an occasion to define the methodological approach that will be implemented in the project.

In the period September 2017 – June 2019 specific actions will be realized:

European civic education, with innovative and experimental approach involving children and young people between 9 and 16 y.o.;

European civic education and thematic focuses with particular attention to migratory phenomenon for young people between 17 and 30 y.o.;

Dialogue on the future of Europe and on the right approaches for a concrete inclusion (17 – 30 y.o.);

Public debates and initiatives involving the citizenship, organized in cooperation with young people (17-30 y.o.) with particular attention to the comparison between Euroscepticism and europeism, with the aim to build path for an active participation.

Then, in the final period of the project (June – December 2019), partners will produce reports about the realized activities, deepening a SWOT analysis and presenting concrete proposals in order to foster and develop the best practices implemented. The whole experience will be at the center of the final closing meeting.

During the implementation of the project, each partner will host a meeting.

Each meeting will host at least 76 participants.


In order to assure interesting debates and a concrete dialogue between different approaches, we would like to involve States with particular positions with refer to Europe, migration policies, Euroscepticism, etc.

The ideal partners are small/medium-size cities (less than 100.000 inhabitants) or local associations active in the field of youth policies/active citizenship.


Considering that the deadline for submission is set to the 1st September 2016, potential partners should communicate their interest in joining the proposal by the 1st of August 2016.

Contact details

Municipality of Correggio (Reggio Emilia)

Mrs Lorenza Manfredi – Strategic projects and European policies Department


Phone: +39 0522 630720 or +39 339 1714596


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